Use the device in your pocket to explore the stories of the Park in fun, interactive ways. Now with new features for 2018.

App Interactive Heritage Wall View
Upper Fort Garry App

GPS-enabled Park and Heritage Wall Exploration
The GPS-enabled map uses the location of your device to pinpoint your position in the Park – perfect for exploring the site’s many points of interest and the symbols & stories along the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Heritage Wall. Spend some time walking the length of the 400ft-long wall to learn about how each symbol fits into Manitoba’s history.

Hidden Stories
As you explore the site, you may find a few hidden points of interest within the Park which reveal more stories about the experiences of people who lived in and around the Fort. If you are visiting the park with children, turn this into a fun scavenger hunt!

Now Playing + Start a Show
New for 2018. Find out the currently playing show on the wall, and initiate a show, directly from your device. As more stories are added to the Wall’s video library, step back and have fun cueing up your choice to light up the thousands of LED pixels.

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