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The York/St. Mary Public Archaeology Project

This single-page, folded, four-panel brochure introduces and encourages people to participate in the Public Archaeology Program at the York/St. Mary Extension excavations. A brief background of the site is provided, as well as details of the project, including what procedures would be followed should a burial be found.
Historic Resources Branch. ca.1990. The York/St. Mary Public Archaeology Project. Winnipeg:Historic Resources, Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation. [ Brochure (7pp.)(HRB, MM) ]
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Towards a Model of Aboriginal Land Use in the Red-Assiniboine Rivers Junction

The author presents ethno-historical accounts referring to Proto-historic Aboriginal activities that occurred near the Red and Assiniboine river junction in order to generate land use maps applicable to late Precontact development in the lower Red River region. The article is organized into sections on physiography, ethno-historical accounts, and analysis. Illustrated maps and plans are included.
Kelly, Michael E.. 1984. Towards a Model of Aboriginal Land Use in the Red-Assiniboine Rivers Junction. Manitoba Archaeological Quarterly. 8(1): 23-37. [ Journal article (FNHSC, MM) ]
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Upper Fort Garry Resurfaces

During the construction of the Main Street/Norwood Bridge Project, remnants of 1836 Upper Fort Garry structures (North Bastion, residences and stores) were uncovered. There are two photographs in the article.
Kroker, Sid. 1996. Upper Fort Garry Resurfaces. Manitoba Archaeological Newsletter Ser. 2, 8(3): 1-2. [ Newsletter article (PC, MM, UM) ]
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