Unveiling of Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

Saturday, October 18, 2014 11:15am – 3:00pm | Upper Fort Garry Join The Friends of Upper Fort Garry as they officially unveil the first portion of this long anticipated project. In 2007, the Friends met a 107 day challenge and forever saved the site of Upper Fort Garry....

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"Upper Fort Garry is a key lynchpin of Canadian history. The reality of Upper Fort Garry needs to be reaffirmed for Winnipeggers, Manitobans, and all Canadians."

John Ralston Saul, Author

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“Because of people like you, I can learn about the place where my great, great, great grandfather lived and worked. He was a very strong man. Thank you!”

6-yr old descendant of a Métis Norwester

When you arrive at the Park, a sense of history will take hold. Sculptural installations will guide you to the Governor’s Gate, helping to set the stage for the artistic interpretation of history that will greet you inside the Park.

Our Past

Indigenous peoples’ meeting place.
European fur trade’s market place. Military and government bastion when the future of northwest America hung in the balance. Centre of conflict and compromise when Manitoba became Canada’s fifth province. It might seem like an ordinary city block today but key moments in the history of northern North America took place on these few acres at the Forks of the Red and Assiniboine River.

Your Park

This is the story of Manitoba.
For thousands of years, this has been a gathering place. A place of many voices, where people came together from all walks of life. It is place where ideas and resistance changed our nation for the better and where extraordinary dance, song and storytelling were always centre stage.