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Visual Depictions of Upper Fort Garry

In this article, primary and secondary visual depictions are used to look at the architectural history of Upper Fort Garry. The topics are of Visual Depictions and Archaeological Relevance. This research began as a tool for interpreting Bonnycastle Park. The visuals consist of drawings and sketches of maps, floor plans and buildings. The primary sources date from approximately 1840 to 188l; with plans from Warre, Beatty and Moody (1845-1848), John Balsillie (a Hudson’s Bay Company Officer), George McPhillips Junior (Dominion Land Surveyor) and C.E. Osborne. One secondary source is the Hazel plan, drawn in 1928, of the 1876 fort.
Loewen, Brad, and Gregory G. Monks. 1988. Visual Depictions of Upper Fort Garry. Prairie Forum: The Journal of the Canadian Plains Research Centre. 13(1): 1-24. [ Journal article (MM) ]
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Winnipeg in Maps, 1816–1972

Artibise, Alan F. J., and Edward H. Dahl. 1975. Winnipeg in Maps, 1816–1972. Ottawa:National Map Collection, Public Archives of Canada. .