Friends of Upper Fort Garry (FUFG) announced today that the City of  Winnipeg, with the agreement of Crystal Developers, has granted a  two year extension to their March 31, 2008 deadline.

In Decemb er 2007, FUFG was given the deadline to raise  $10 million and to meet several other criteria. To date, $8.2 million  has been raised through a combination of public donations and  government funds. All other criteria have been met.

Dr. Jerry Gray, Chair of the Friends of Upper Fort Garry is pleased  with the news.   Says Gray, “The public and all levels of government  have demonstrated their tremendous support for this project.  We  have raised a total of $8.2 million, which includes donations from the  Provinc e of Manitoba, Government of Canada and the public.  It is a  sign of goodwill that the extension has been granted.”

Adds Gray, “The Friends of Upper Fort Garry would like to extend  their deepest appreciation to the Spletzer family of Crystal Developers  fo r agreeing to this extension.”

FUFG will continue to fundraise towards building a world class  interpretive park on the site.  Since December, 2007, FUFG has  raised more than $5.2 million in public donations, including a  $1 million donation today by the M anitoba Métis Federation.     

Notes Gray, “We invite everyone to continue to send in their  donations.  As we move forward in achieving our fundraising goals  we’ll be consulting our partners and the public to determine final plans  and designs for the inter pretive park.”

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