Friends of Upper Fort Garry (FUFG) announced today that The Forks North  Portage Partnership will be providing a total of $900,000 in planning and  project management services over five years.    

This commitment of $180,000 per year will cover operational expenses that  relate to planning, construction and administration of the Upper Fort Garry  interpretive park.  

Mr. Jim August, CEO of The Forks North Portage Partnership, believes this  is a natural fit that reflects the historic link between The Forks and Upper  Fort Garry.  Says August, “There is a lot  of synergy between these two sites.   Our plan is to ensure that the sites continue to relate to one other to provide  the best possible experience.”  

Dr. Jerry Gray, Chair of the Friends of Upper Fort Garry is pleased with this  contribution.  Adds Gray, “We are on our way to developing a world-class  site and we can’t do that with volunteers only.  This commitment brings a  level of professional management expertise to the project that will help us  with the day-to-day planning and administration of the site.”     

Notes Gray, “We invite everyone to continue to send in their donations.  As  we move forward in achieving our fundraising goals we’ll be consulting our  partners and the public to determine final plans and designs for the  interpretive park.”  

Donations can be made <a href=””>online</a>,  by phone or by  cheque (payable to Heritage Winnipeg for Upper Fort Garry) mailed to:

Friends of Upper Fort Garry
509-63 Albert Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3B 1G4
Phone:  204-947-5073

For interviews with Friends of Upper Fort Garry, please contact:

Sandra Jones
Jones Communications
Phone:  204-772 – 9267
Cell:  204-296 – 6605